I’m going to run the Hillary Trail!

The Hillary Trail is four-day (approx. 70km) tramping trail through the Waitakere Ranges and along Auckland’s west coast.  Named the ‘Hillary  Trail’ after pre-eminent mountaineer and explorer Sir Edmund Hillary.

The Hillary Trail officially opens on 11 January 2010 and connects a network of existing regional park tracks and basic backpacker campgrounds. The course from Arataki to Muriwai is roughly as per this map i’ve done in Google Earth or Mapmyrun.com

"The Trail epitomises the sense of adventure and personal achievement that Ed Hillary himself championed and was renowned for. It is not a walk in the park - but a chance for well-prepared trampers to experience the diverse, and often challenging west coast. The ARC hopes that creating an opportunity like this, in close proximity to urban Auckland, will inspire Aucklanders to get outdoors and experience the wilderness that exists on their own doorstep." - ARC Website

Most of my training is done in the Waitak’s so what better way to kick off the year than run the whole trail in one day!  Like they say above - not a walk in the park …more like a run!

I used to adventure race but backed off competing and training in 2007 when my third wee girl was born and Lactic Turkey Events started getting bigger.  Since then I done bugger all but recently got back into things and did the Lake to Lighthouse recently as a team and managed a few bigger sessions in training for that - nothing this big though - 4 hours max!  But the many years of base in my younger days will get me through…hopefully.

Looking at doing it this week sometime and have convinced a mate to tag along - an old adventure racing team mate - Gus Grey.

Will keep you posted.